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High School to Flight School was started by a group of friends who love flying in Alaska. Our mission is to support students with a passion for aviation while providing impactful service to the community.


Abe Harman, HSFS President

Abe started working on his license in North Carolina in 2014, earned it in early 2015, and three days later moved to Alaska. He was 24. Abe is the Lead Engineer at Airframes Alaska.


Lukas Stutzer, HSFS Secretary

Lukas took a ground school class his first semester of college in Bozeman, and got his PPL that spring at 19. He lives in France and works for Beringer Aero, but comes back to Alaska regularly to check on his Super Cub.

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Richenda Sandlin-Tymitz, HSFS VP

Richenda isn’t a pilot, but she likes flying enough to endure their never ending airplane talk.

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Pete Tymitz, HSFS Mentor

Pete Tymitz soloed the day before he turned 16 and earned his PPL at 23. He’s flown F15s and F22s for the Air Force for 12 years.